If the last few weeks have shown us anything, it was that our globalised economy cannot stand a cough. Countries are closing their borders, social life is being restricted as much as possible, while work seems to have to go on. It is not only the Federal Government that is warning against social contacts. Schools or kindergartens are also being provisionally closed and parents have to find a compromise between family and professional obligations.

Mobile working or home office seems to be on everyone’s lips. But is your company even ready for such a modern way of working? Have you thought about possible approaches so far, but have you shied away from the costs or not valued the added value highly enough? This is now taking its toll, as companies are being forced to close some of their doors and their employees are demanding home office.

A modern communications infrastructure that enables their employees to work from anywhere, to actively participate in the company’s affairs and to fulfil their obligations, while at the same time being independent of the local company infrastructure, is more important than ever. Dismissed as a buzzword, Home Office conceals a completely different philosophy. Employees are enabled to determine their own working environment and the company creates the conditions for this. What conditions do you have to create? Have you heard buzzwords like UCC (Unified Communication & Collaboration) or Softphone but don’t know what to do with them?

We offer to help you exactly here. Work with us to develop a strategy for a modern and crisis-proof communication infrastructure in your company. We will review your infrastructure, make suggestions for short-term improvements and help you implement a long-term solution.

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